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that tomorrow night. right now, you will see jessica yellin who will improve the scene considerably with "ac 360." jessica? >>> thanks, larry. his name is on cars that kill. he went to washington to salvage that name, but tonight new allegations are casting doubt on akio toyoda's promise to put safety first. questions about whether the researchers who gave toyota electronics a clean bill of health used junk science to do it. we're keeping them honest. >>> also tonight, a killer whale. in fact, a serial killer whale. today's tragedy at seaworld is not the first death or the second. so why did seaworld keep him? jack hanna joins us. >>> and later "360" m.d. sanjay gupta takes us through the operating room item by high-priced item. president obama is talking health care reform tomorrow but can his plan or anyone's bring down the cost? people go to the aquarium to be amazed, entertained, but today, visitors at seaworld orlando were horrified by what they saw. they watched a woman die. in a moment, we will speak with someone who was in the crowd when it happened. you will also hear from the animal's
." >> that is dead kation, you are right. >>> wjz is live in canton. jessica kartalija has the latest on the damage caused by the storm. jess? >> reporter: good evening, kai. good evening to everyone at home. here in canton, most residents ventured out to hit a local restaurant or bar. most of the damage throughout baltimore city came from those falling tree limbs. on boston street, a jeep stuck in the snow, a small inconvenience compared to damage around the city. on pressman and gay streets a very close call for jasmine patrick. she parked outside a church, went in and seconds later hard a crash. >> i hear glass crashing and crumbling. i thought it was a car accident so i looked out on the street and there was no car accident. when i looked to my left where my car was parked, the church had collapsed and lps the tree, you know, on top of my car and two other people's cars. >> reporter: fallen trees in canton square and throughout the state, heavy snow is bearing down on branches. >> my job is to go in with the chain saws and gear and everything to make ifg passable to get in and out of the garage
's longest suspension bridge. >> jessica: and it all starts right now on teen kids news. >> mwanzaa: welcome to teen kids news, i'm mwanzaa. >> jessica: and i'm jessica. here's out top story for this week. >>> changing the world is no small task, but as amanda tells us, making a difference can come in small steps and sizes. >> from a very young age bilaal rajan thought that helping others in need was the natural thing to do. >> well i started fundraisings in the age of four for an earthquake in india and simply i was reading through a newspaper and i saw how a priest from my own religious community had died under the rubble in india. and i decided that i had to do something. that it wasn't really fair. and i was eating a clementine at the time and i was four years old so the simplest thing to do was well sell clementines. and that's exactly what i did. >> and so he grabbed a little box from the fridge and away he went. he made up a little sign and all that sort of stuff. and we knew from that point that a typical 4 year old did you want do that. at the end of the day he had raised $350. this
? meteorologist jessica starr will join us from the sky watch weather center. >> but first, how much snow will we get and who will get hit the hardest? chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a look. >> wow, out front, and i got the measuring stick out. and we're talking about several inches of snow coming down quickly on hd radar. you can see behind us. lots of snowfall. went out and measured four, 4 1/2 inches. right about here. and remember folks, we're talking about 20-to 30 inches. that takes the amount possibly that we could get as much as this. substantial. and that will slow things down quite a bit if we are trying to get out and about on sunday to monday. takes a long time to dig out. hd radar. we are looking at heavy amounts of snow still coming down across baltimore. on 95, in fact, showed you this about half an hour ago. 15 minutes ago. car that slid off the highway up there in harford county. so if you don't have to venture out, don't. it is dangerous. and storm is working with a lot of moisture out of the south. and secondary low further off to the west. as we continue to see t
. so we need more. so meteorologist jessica starr joins us with a look at the sky watch forecast. >> it has been a couple of hours, you know. >> seven minutes, i believe. yeah. >> no. we will get a break. good news. we will have a couple of clouds around overnight tonight. because there is a system that stays south. bulk of the moisture. you can see on radar. it will come close to us though. but we will get clouds out of the system. but it brought snow showers to mississippi, and alabama and georgia today. and good news, is that that should stay to the south. couple of flurries from it. but otherwise, temperatures, below normal. but we made it above freezing today. 33 degrees in baltimore. 26 in harrisburg. and 24 in pittsburg. so here is the next day planner. 20 degrees. black ice on the roadways. take it easy if you are headed out tonight or tomorrow morning. couple of flurries around tomorrow. partly sunny skies later in the day. and 31 at noon. but there is, yes, another system pushing in our direction. i will have the details on that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right.
to meteorologist jessica starr with the latest sky watch forecast on the winter blast, which was not much. jessica? >> good news. not calling for much. it was a clipper system that moved through. and we did see snow showers right around the evening commute, four, 5:00. wet snow flakes mixed in. but good news is that the dryer air is moving in and it will help to alleviate snow in the region for the evening hours for tonight and for the daytime tomorrow. and you can still see the area of low pressure that is off toward the west. that counter-clockwise rotation around the low pressure system will track just to the north. but as if it tracked south we would have had a couple of inch. dry slot moved in and track of the system will track to the north. clip western maryland and move across the mason dixon line and toward boston. but the watches and warnings with the system. ohio valley you can see. as it tracks, the forecast, moves to the north in pennsylvania. and boston and new england. so overnight tonight. concern is really going to be for us, because we did have some precipitation there around 4 or
we want our coverage of the latest winter weather outside. jessica doyle is live in morning. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: good morning andrea. i will tell you we don't have a lot of precipitation out here now. an occasional snow flake is flowing around, but earlier this morning it was a snow shower on my way into work today. the good news, we are not expecting any major accumulations. the bad news, it's going to be uncomfortable for a lot of folks. the snow and ice and rain mixture is uncomfortable. howard has been talking about 40 to 50-mile an hour gusts possible. we caught up with tree trimmers on bring million road in dc. they have been taking as many calls as possible. homeowners are trying to clear up and clean out any downed trees. they are still working on that stuff, and now they are dealing with the possibility that the winds could bring now ever down more trees and branches. thatry trying to avoid more damage to the roofs. we caught up with some folks who gave us things to think about with the weather over the next two days. >> with all the saturation in the grou
number one killers heart disease. we're going to start with jessica yellin at new york presbyterian hospital where president clinton is recovering tonight. jessica, what can you tell us? oh, i apologize. apparently we're having audio problems with jessica's mike. she's going to join us with details of what's going on in the hospital. let me bring in dr. william cole, a cardiologist to talk to us a little bit about the procedure that former president bill clinton underwent today. let me just first ask you, we know, as has been described, that he was having chest pains. apparently chest pains over the course of a few days. does this mean when he went in to have this procedure that he actually had a heart attack or no? >> with the information i have i can't say. having chest pain doesn't necessarily mean you had a heart attack. it means you were not getting enough blood to the heart. >> if a sent is put in it also doesn't mean you had a heart attack. >> no, not at all. doesn't necessarily mean that. it means he had problem with blood flow. that could be temporary intransient and his ch
>>> hello i am don scott. >> i am jessica. >> wjz is following two breaking stores at this hour. the first in texas where moments ago a small private plane crashed into a 7 story office building on the north side of austin, right next to the fbi headquarters for texas. two people from the building are unaccounted for. no word on what caused the plane to go down. we will update this story as more information becomes available. >> part of an east baltimore church has collapsed after a 3 alarm fire this morning. crews have been on the scene all morning at mount cavalry baptist church. good afternoon gigi. >> reporter: this is called mount cavalry star baptist church and this is a total loss. the church will decide what to do next about sunday services but right now it is too early to tell how this happened. police barricaded streets in east baltimore not because of snow or slow traffic but a 3 alarm fire that swept through a church at 9:30 a.m. the fire grew quickly. >> on arrival they found a very very heavy fire, they began extinguishing the fire but it began to grow so we reques
on the news at 5:30. jessica star will tell us what is in store for the weekend and when we can see more you know what. >> former president bill clinton out of the hospital tonight. coming up. more on his condition and when he could return to >> one person is dead after overnight fire in annapolis. happened just before 1:00 o'clock this morning in the 900 block of bay ridge avenue. fire officials arrived and found 34-year-old michael harris trapped on the second floor. he was pronounced dead at the scene. firefighters say they were not hindered by the snow while responding to the blaze. no word yet on the cause of the fire. >>> with 3 major snow storms since late december many area schools already spent all the snow days. tonight an idea to shorten the school year for maryland school superintendent. john leave in north baltimore to explain. john? >>reporter: well, jeff, city schools are hoping to reopen next week after this latest blizzard but i can tell you they still have a way to go. if you look down here at polly high school this street is waived and a lot of the parking lots not
the region and they will be able to bring you up-to-the- minute coverage of the storm. jessica doyle has the latest on the mad dash to get last-minute supplies in virginia. but we will start with kristin fisher in rockville. she can take us there and we can find out how maryland is trying to stay ahead of the storm. >> that's right. hello, j.c. as you can see it has started to snow here in rockville. i'm standing outside of montgomery county's salt domes and this place was packed earlier this morning with salt trucks that lined up to get filled up with salt and hit the roads, but right now it is real quiet. the reason why is because they are out on the roads pretreating the roadways before the storm sets in. i spoke to one salt truck driver scene said we will work as hard as we can but when you expect this much snow there is only so much that salt and pretreatment will do. you will see accumulation on the roadways no matter what. salt trucks are on the road. the snowplows, you are not going to see them until we get three inches of snow on the ground. that's when the county says they will
. : >> shoshana johnson recalled her 22 days as an american prisoner of war with fellow soldier jessica lynch. at the onset of operation iraqi freedom in march of 2003. shea details her return to the united states and her difficulties with post-traumatic stress disorder. bournes' and noble booksellers oppose this event. >> when i first started doing this book signing and things like that i was under the impression you came up behind the book. i was asked to speak a little bit and that was a deer in the headlines. it is nonfiction, what do i do? hello? then we take q&a for 20 minutes. most of that i kind of know. i don't know what you can ask me, born in panama, my parents came to the united states and immigrated to the united states in 1978. my dad joined the military. it was a wonderful experience. a different culture, it helped me become a better person. i graduated from high school and decided -- i went to you talk. didn't do that good. i have lots of fun. the grades weren't that good. i dropped out and really didn't have a direction with my life. i had jobs here and there but by the time
round of weather. meteorologist jessica snare has thstarr hasthe latest on the wad snow totals. >> and we start with the meteorologist steve fertig. >>> we have sleet out there to mix with the snow and we get help from you guys, by the way, facebook let us know if it's sleet or snow where you live. take a look, there's quite a difference if you go up toward the 83, and toward the corridor up toward bel air, just seeing plain sleet. and out toward pikesville seeing some he sno and out tars picks e seeing snow. and down toward mount airy there's sleet there. further points north, westminister, just plain snow. this is a battleground going on between the layers and st. michael's further point east and the cold air to the north that is helping to produce the snow. again, we're taking a look at a similar set up that we had over the last storm over the weekend, when we had the upper level low to the west. the difference being this one moves further toward the north this coastal low before it blows up, bringing heavy to the folks up in philadelphia again and this time in new york up t
heading out the door. >>> as devon told us, the bigger concern in our region isn't snow, but wind. jessica doyle is live in maryland with more on how people are preparing for this storm. good morning, jessica. >> good morning andrea. the wind is blowing here and it's turning out to be a pretty decent commute along 198 here in burtonsville. earlier this morning when we were talking, you saw a little bit of snow coming down, but we got lucky. we haven't seen a lot of accumulation. we talked to commuters and believe it or not, some of them are actually thrilled that we could potentially get some more snow, while others, you could say, are pretty fed up. >> i was bummed out for sure. i don't like the snow at all, i just want summertime to come now. >> you are sick? >> i'm so sick, it'sridiculous. >> i'm kind of happy. i work for the government, so with all the past snow, i had the past week off. so it's been pretty nice. i'm looking forward to it. >> when i heard we were getting more snow, i wasn't mad. i was kind of happy, because i love snow. >> wind is the wind, and we've had trees do
warning as we speak. >> jessica joins us to tell us when the worst of the storm will manufacture through. jessica. >> hi guys. we saw snow showers develop right around 4:00 o'clock today. they were light in the nature but some wet roadway out there and snow showers starting to stick on some cars out there. you can see we'll get a little bit of a break from the snow showers. the first wave manufactured through but to the south the blue area some rain showers to the southern tip of the del mar peninsula and pink area precipitation and a lot of areas deal with the micked precipitation, rain and snow mixed in. zooming out a little bit larger show you the back side of the system an area of low pressure that is going to be tracking in our ream overnight tonight. good news about this system is that it is going to track just to our north sought western side of maryland from carol county west has the chance to see some snow showers from the system. look up through boston, new england back down to the ohio valley. zooming a little bit closer to our region what are we really concerned about
jessica kartalija, and alex demetrick are are following the widespread impact. but first, tracking this next system that could hit in about 24 hours. first to bob. >>> let's take a look at radar. around here, it was a beautiful day. lots of sunshine. take a look at radar. nothing around here. absolutely clear. out to the west, storm already brewing, already a lot of moisture with it. already snow from northern arkansas, st. louis, approaching chicago. and portions of the upper midwest. and it's moving toward our region. in fact, we already have issue for the area for tomorrow, the entire area, for the most part, take a look at the warnings, for the entire area, we have winter storm warnings, with the only exception southeast of washington, lower eastern shore there. st. mary's county, and the lower eastern shore, not under the warning area there. it will definitely be warmer. nothing like a little snow. delaware, pennsylvania and again new jersey. bernadette woods has a look at the outback. and bernadette has a look at how much we expect from this particular snowstorm. >>> want to
police on a manhunt. >> hi, i'm back. looking for a man who brutally beat this woman, jessica rodich. >> my lips were swollen. the bruising just started to go down. >> reporter: the wanted man is mario davis, a pimp accused of taking advantage of young, vulnerable women. it is like they are slaves. >> wherare they going to go do go? >> reporter: detective chris bofman, part of the pimp investigative team, a special unit, is out to catch pimps to stop them from abusing young, impressionable woman. >> there's is no greater reward than possibly rescuing a girl. >> reporter: hunts guys like mario, known to enslave women through fear. >> tell the girl, i know where your family is at. if you try to run from me, i will go to your family, i will hurt them. i will shoot them. i will do whatever to them. >> reporter: the detectives started looking into mario a year ago. >> back in september, there was a girl that had came forward, wanted some help. >> reporter: her name is elizabeth serrano. both jessica and elizabeth worked as prostitutes for mario and both say he abused them. >> he was a goo
clinton. we're so happy he's doing well, recovering very well. jessica, can you imagine, he said he didn't want the sedatives. >> it's amazing what they can do with these things? >> good to see he's doing really well. i know you're following other stories. what do you have? >> sigh zahn, china is urging president obama to cancel his meeting with the dalai lama. the exiled tibetan buddhist leader is expect to do visit the white house next thursday, but chinese state-run news says the u.s. should pull out of its meetings -- -- the dalai lama, as you know, favors genuine autonomy from china. >>> now federal agents want to talk to these three men. atf officials released sketches in the hopes somebody will recognize the faces and speak up. investigators say there's no theme linking the fires. churches of different denominations have been targeted at different times on different days of the week. hopefully something will come of those sketches. exactly what happened? that's what officials are studying after a six-car train derailed. the metro train was underground when the front wheels of the
in montgomery county, people without power. let's see how the streets in alexandria look. let's go to jessica doyle on south royal with more. hi. >> reporter: hi, there, bruce. i'm watching the car behind me making sure i don't get hit. we are in between king street and royal street in alexandria. we've seen one plow come through. that's okay. because that's not the problem. the problem is not the actual roadway with the precipitations that falling today. the problem is with the roadway from the precipitation last weekend. it is frozen up. there is nowhere to put the snow and ice that's out here right now. what kind of ice am i talking about? i don't want to get hit by this gentleman. good morning. i want to show you this kind of ice on the roadway. sir, you're going to want to watch out for this kind of ice in the roadway this morning. we've seen a lot of cars trying to get through this intersection. if you're in four-wheel, you're okay. you're getting over the snow. if you're in rear wheel, which we just saw go by, you are fish tailing and having issues. this morning we're also seeing peopl
or at least heard democrats and republicans arguing about it. the "it" in question is reconciliation. jessica yellen is here to explain how it all works. jessica. >> let's first start with basic civics. in the u.s. senate all it takes it 41 votes to stop a bill in its tracks. so even though democrats have a big majority it's not big enough. republicans have enough votes to block health care. all those red votes is enough. there is a way around this and it's called reconciliation. big word, simple concept. it's basically a rule that says in some circumstances you can pass a bill the way most of us probably think the senate works, with a simple majority. just 51 votes. so democrats, now they're threatening to use reconciliation to pass health care and that has everyone fighting. that's because you're supposed to use reconciliation in only limited circumstances. on budget bills. you know, taxing and spending, stuff that's just too crucial to hold up. republicans say it would be an outrageous violation of the rules to use it to pass health care that just doesn't apply. democrats they say stop whi
gilliland is reporting from baltimore county, and jessica starr is here in the city all with the latest of the current conditions out there. we want to keep you up-to-date. said that, we want to keep you up-to-date on the school closings as well. here is a list of the schools that are closed. anna run dell dale, county, ally county, baltimore city, baltimore county, cecil, frederick, harford county, st. mary's and washington county schools are two hours late today. and just remember whenever severe weather hits, tune in to fox 45 news. our morning news ticker will have the latest closings, delays, traffic conditions, that ticker updates automatically and it even runs during commercials. we need to check on the roadways, candace dold is here with a look at the traffic edge report. good morning, candace. >> reporter: unfortunately it's going to be all about the dig out this morning. we want to show you, this is what the main lines look like. here is 695 moving at 83. you can see the cars are moving and the roads look pretty clear so no snow there, but then let's check on what it looks li
. >> the cleanup begins after a another winter storm hits maryland. >>> hello again. i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. >> several inches fell across the state causing several school systems to close, others just to open late. anne arundel county students have the day off. this morning, some were out helping their neighbors shovel. people had to take extra time to clear snow off the cars before heading to work. let's take a live look outside right now from sky eye chopper 13 up over bel air and harford county. the roads are clear. the state highway administration is warning drivers to be cautious out there in the sunshine. and we are live with first warning weather coverage. ron matz is updating conditions on the roads. first bernadette woods and tim williams are tracking the snowfall totals and updating the forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the woord we've been using is a mablable snowstorm. we're able to tell you and equip everyone. the snowstorm has moved out. we're setting our sights on what's ahead. satellite radar composite, we'll give you an idea of what is moving on. we
but a pretty commute eases your commute. >>> 9 news now jessica doyle is in tysons corner with more. good morning, jessica. >> i think we are all ready to cry uncle with the snowstorms we have been getting lately. more snow is in the forecast but it is a winter wonderland out here. it is beautiful and that makes things a little easier. if you have to get up early and go to work and if you can't wait longer in the morning we want to tell you what the road conditions are like. grab the cup of coffee and here's the deal. around the beltway it is looking pretty good in northern virginia. vdot has been out all night long with the snow removal truck and the salt brine trucks. they have been out and melting the conditions and as you can see on the roads they are actually wet. all of the snow is gone from the main roads. and a lot of minor roads have been treated, as well. and the neighborhood, the side streets, you know from saturday those roads probably weren't -- they may not have gotten to those areas. so you are potentially going to have problems on my own street we had a school bus stopped
. meteorologist jessica starr is live at the parkville area with more, good morning, jess. here we go again. >> reporter: i know, good morning, patrice. the good news is the bulk of the morning and the amount of the snow showers will stay to the north. that doesn't mean we won't see rainshowers. when i drove this this morning it was a rain-snow kind of mix. right now you can see light snow showers. the temperature is above freezing so the snow is not accumulating on the ground. let's get you to the watches and warnings. let's start off with the winter storm warning for the eastern shore until noon tomorrow. they have the potential to get strong gusty winds and more accumulating snow including cecil county and the western counties until 11:00 a.m. this is the one we're concerned for baltimore county, howard county, and anne arundel county, this one is in effect until this morning. and the winter storm watch is in until 11:00 a.m. a little bit of what you can expect through the daytime through today. snow showers until 1:00 p.m. we could see 1-3 inches possible through the morning hours unti
counted our blessings. meteorologist jessica starr is here with more on the windy weather. >> yeah, we have the low pressure system strong low pressure system. that is just spinning off long island and a large system. and stemming from new hampshire and vermont through boston, all the way back through michigan, down through indianapolis and ohio. bringing in the winds on the back side of the low pressure system. and that's what we experience in some snow bands and strong winds. gusting close to 50. and they have subsided just a bought there from the west-northwest at 15. right now baltimore five in hagerstown. and 14 in oakland. so next day planner fortunately things are breezy until the low pressure system moves out to sea and temperatures will stay cold and below normal with cloudy skies. 26 at 6 a.m., couple peaks of sunshine. and more clouds and sun tomorrow. and 37 at lunch time. for tomorrow. more in-depth look on the system and when it moves out coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks jes. >> our winter blast caused a huge need for salt around the city. >> a lot of wooden boxes fi
tonight. jessica star and vytas are in the sky watch center with the stormtrack and when it will peak and how much snow we will get. >> we have teams of reporters all over maryland tonight and keith is in baltimore county. >> jeff is keeping an eye on the power problems the storm can cause e.and michael at the airport where there are lots of travel troubles at this hour. >> so we begin tonight with miranda stevens live in canton with the latest on how baltimore city is coping. hello. >>reporter: hi karen and jeff. we are here in canton where you can see the snow is definitely coming down a lot harder. it's thicker and starting to stick to roads and to cars and speaking of cars, we are in phase 2 of the city's snow emergency plan and that means if your car is parked along a snow emergency route, which you will know from signs leak this one up he here, that you will need to move it by 6:00 o'clock tonight or else risk it being towed. obviously the point is to clear the street so that snowplow can get through them. city has even december egg natured some school parking lots and city
and megan, back to you. >>> time for today's birthdays. who is celebrating today? jessica elizabeth evans turns 16 today. >> she can drive herself to the harford mall. >> keep those grades up. dan quayle, 63 today. alice cooper, 62. >> poor jessica, she's probably like "who else has a birthday with me?" alice cooper and dan quayle? she wants young ones in there. >>> if you're having a birthday like jessica, we absolutely want to know about it. send us a short e-mail with an attached photo of your friend or family member. their name, date of birth, where they're from, we'll read it on the air. >>> taking a look at entertainment news this morning. former teen idol, leif garrett, arrested on bail this morning after being arrested and booked for heroin possession. garrett was arrested after exhibiting what police say "pronounced symptoms" of drug dependency while standing on a subway platform. >>> we are the world remake is much more high-tech than it's 1985 inspiration. 80 of the world's top artists gathered to raise money for relief work in haiti. the video was filmed with 3d cameras. you c
. jessica doyle has more. >> good morning, jessica. >> good morning, andrea. the snow is really coming down and we want to show you how the streets are looking here. the plows are out in force. you have a combination of factors. you should do what the major is telling you to do. stay home and let the crews deal with this. right here we have pavement. you can see pavement. walk a couple of feet over and this is slush. we keep walking. this is a solid block of ice here and this will cause problems for drivers today. you are moving along, doing great. the road is looking fantastic and then hit a chunk of ice. we are seeing this all throughout the region. i will tell you the major roadways in northern virginia look pretty fantastic compared to the last couple of days. i spent an hour driving around this morning. i drove 395, 95, the mixing bowl. i mean pavement. it looks like we are having a rain more than snow event if you look at theories and in terms of alexandria, i would say this is where they have their work cut out for them because there are all of these big patches of ice in the roadway
. >> the efforts to get children back in class. >> hello again, i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm don scott. >> here's what people will be talking about today, maryland continues to dig out from last week's record snowfall and the major issue is the roads, slow going with only one lane open on mayor major routes. live in north baltimore with more on the scramble to get area schools ready to re-open. >> we have some breaking news we want to pass along. howard county schools have announced they will delay opening by two hours tomorrow. now over in caroll county, they have announced they're going to delay by two hours for the rest of the week, that's wednesday, thursday and friday because of the sheer volume of snow we got from the storms as the counties and city are digging out. >> schools across the region are racing to get ready. they're using the extra day to plow sidewalks and streets. some drivers in neighborhoods feel left out in the cold. >> forgotten, yeah, that's a good word. >> our plows could not get down the street because they were too large. we had to call in contractors with smaller
. >> but could more snow derail those plans. >> i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartaliji. >> a lot of work to be done on side streets and rural roads. as you take a live look outside this afternoon, a little bit more snow later today could add to that work. we of course are live with complete morning coverage for you. marty bass in the outback and bernadette woods over in the weather center. good amp. >> reporter: good afternoon, don. -- afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, don. this storm is going to move much faster and it is going to have a mix with rain. this is the beginning of it making its way into the state. this will come in in the tom of snow. -- form of snow. winter weather advisories go in effect starting at 1:00. harper county extending all the way out to the west. this will continue until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. for more, here is marty. >> let's go ahead and say thank you bern. let's take a look at the bottom line. which is the total snowfall eastwood is talking about. a real sloppy mixed presip essentially from the metro through what you would call the boundary of southern ma
. >>> complete coverage continues with dawn scott and jessica kartaliga and first warning weather with marty,,,,,,,,,,,,,, news station. >> the weather is causing problems for people trying to get in and out of maryland. the airport is packed with people trying to get out before the snow hits. southwest airlines has called off all flights starting this afternoon. the cancellations will last through sunday morning. other airlines have indicated they'll do the same. it adds up to a big headache for passengers but most travelers seem to be understanding. >> just be patient with it. it will be what it is and you know what, go with the flow. that's how things work. it is snow. deal with it. >> airlines are encouraging customers to check the carriers or the airport's website to get the most updated status information. >>> take another live look and stick around. meteorologist tim williams' forecast, first morning weather forecast is coming right up. are you making it easier for bacteria to grow on your dentures? you are if you use toothpaste instead of soaking them in polident toothpaste is abrasi
. >> yeah, well, this is good for you then. you may only need one flu shot next season, jessica. the world health organization says that the flu shot for next year should include the protection against three strains including h1n1. they'll meet next week to discuss this proposal. and that's it, i think. >> we'll take it, that's good news. >>> and check back in at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 for serious consequences. street raising can be deadly. what people could face under this bill. join us at 4:00 for these stories, that's after dr. phil., >> we'll have more rain than snow on monday. it will be milder than in the past few weeks. >> many meltdown continues. thank you, i'm jessica kartalija. >> and i'm don scott, we'll see you online throughout the afternoon. afternoon. go ,,,,
in westminister. megan gilliland is reporting from baltimore county, and jessica starr is here in the city all with the latest on the current conditions out there. and because of the snow we have some school closings and a few delays to pass along to you. here is a look at school closings that are closed. anne arundel county, charles, dorchester, montgomery county and queen ann's and talbot county schools closed today. opening two hours late, allegheny county, baltimore city, cecil, frederick, harford, st. mary's somerset, washington county and worcester county schools, again two hours late today. and just remember whenever severe weather hits, tune in to fox 45 morning news. our morning news ticker will have all of the latest closings delays and traffic conditions. that tricker updates automatically and it even runs during commercials. if tour heading out on the roads, candace dold is here with what you can expect in the traffic edge report. good morning, candace. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. when you wake-up and open the windows, you will see the side streets. here it is in rogers fo
may and jessica kartalija have more on the storm's impact. while mike hellgren, and derek valcourt cover the impact of the cleanup statewide. while we begin with bernadette woods and bob turk. >> people shaking their heads. it's hard to believe. we've had so many storms just in the last two weeks. this will be big. radar, clear. beautiful day. yes. temperatures around 30 degrees. but out to the west, already developing snow. they've had 3 to 5 inches generally from portions of kansas, iowa, up to wisconsin. and that is all moving off to the east. in addition, down to the south, more energy. heavy showers and thunderstorms down there. it's all going to form into one coastal storm once again. take a look at the warnings that will go into effect beginning at noon tomorrow. for the entire region. except extreme southern portions, a winter storm warning. all the way through wednesday afternoon. bernadette is in the outback, with how much we can expect from this storm. and also perhaps a look at the winds we might be experiencing. bernadette? >> that's right. as this combines and becomes
breaks. >>> the weather meteorologist jessica has weather warnings and the snow totals. >> and we are talking to meteorologist steve fertig and we were talking about the thunderstorm event that we heard last saturday it hasn't occurred as of yet. >>> as of yet. take a look at the sky watch hd radar. we are seeing a change from one moment to the next, take a look at the scan pink is indicating sleet. we are seeing sleet in the baltimore city area through bel air. we get closer and you can plainly see around cockeysville a dividing line, of 83 are you see a sharp line of sleet versus the snow. a line creating sleet and the division is very sharp. we're going to see a difference this time around with more banding of snow in terms of snow fall totals later through the day as opposed to the last storm we had over the weekend when we had a lot more snow, too. if we get more sleet we decrease the totals as far as the snow totals. by mount airy and up toward westminister you're seeing the division also with the sleet to the south and to the north of i-70 and westminister and carroll count
. jessica doyle is live in burtonsville, maryland. >> reporter: you're thinking the same think i'm thinking, and the same thing everybody else is thinking. no more snow. there's good news with nothing going on in burtonsville. as you were saying, people are seeing a variety of the conditions. maybe seeing rain or snow showers, but the thing people are concerned about this afternoon, when the wind blows in that howard has been talking about. single road in dc. the tree trimmers have been getting to as many as possible. they were trying to clean up the broken branches that were the result of the last storm, and the things that homeowners are more concerned about now, all the precarious tree branches affected bit last tomorrow, they are worried about their roofs, street conditions if we have blockages, and outages. we caught up with some people who gave us to think about. all the saturations and ground and damage they are inspecting more of the damage to come through. >> i always tell me to be prepare and have emergency gear at home. >> reporter: that's always great advice. the other major con
what is happening in a lot of these cases, jessica. and therefore, they certainly can't fix it. that is a terrible position to be in, especially when you're trying to sell these kpoorps. >> yeah, and i drive a toyota. the president of toyota goes before congress tomorrow. do you expect he'll bring us anything new? >> we have advanced statements from both the president of toyota and the president of toyota north america. both of those advanced statements seem to be sticking to the script. the president is going to say look, toyee that grew too fast. we had our eye off the ball on safety, but the president of toyota north south america again saying we've rigorously tested our solutions and are confident with these repairs and it's a mechanical problem. t to experts studying this, it just does not add up, jessica. >> we'll be watching his testimony closely tomorrow. thank you, drew. >> another live chat is up and running at "ac: 360." mild mannered harry reid's tough new talk about health care reform and what he's threatening to do to pass the bill. later, hear from one of 88 teac
the r worst of the storm will ind. and meteorologist jessica starr has the latest snow totals in this area. >> our entire news team has been working around the clock, to bring you the very latest on the storm. >> keith daniels will join us live from rogers forge. people there, like everyone across the state, are bracing for the worst. >> we will take you live to canton. myranda stephens has been tracking trouble in the city. >> this storm has crippled all forms of transmission. we will have live coverage on that, with michael buczyner standing by at bwi thurgood marshall airport. >> and the snow and wind create a big potential for power problems. jeff abell will join us from north baltimore with a closer look at the struggle to keep the electricity on. >> but first, we're going to start with the sky watch weather team. >> chief meteorologist vytas reid has been calling for the storm all week long. and vita, the prediction right on the money. >> we are looking at a major winter blast. working in. affecting more than the mid-atlantic. stretching back to portion of the midwest o
. but her story was largely overshadowed by someone else in her unit. private jessica lynch, ahead, shoshanna johnson joins us live with her story on "studio b." first from fox this hour, iran said it would push forward with its nuclear program and today the country claims to go doing that. state television reports engineers started enriching uranium. if true that means the islamic republic is closing to fuel for nuclear weapons. they claim it's meant for peaceful purposes and energy and medical uses but the united states and allies say iran has spent years attempting to build a nuclear bomb. all of this comes as iran's supreme leader promise add punch that will stun the world this thursday. now that day's very important t marks 31 years since iranian revolutionaries overthrough the shaw of iran. they expect a day of violence between the antigovernment protesters, the green movement, and the people loyal to the iranian regime. mike emmanuel is live with more on the nuclear issue. sounds like we're hearing from transportation from the united states. >> no question. the president a s
now with jessica kartalija, with the lack of clear side streets around baltimore. captain mike perry, jessica was just talking about an incident with a collapse there. and they couldn't get the ambulance down, oakford avenue this. is -- this is a serious concern for several people. >> reporter: we spoke with several baltimore area residents that say we are extremely frustrated with the city's snow removal effort. >> reporter: margo ross is tired of scraping her sidewalk. >> there's a lot in the county, but not like this, row houses. so therefore, it's terrible that we had to wait this long. >> reporter: primary streets, those that see an average of 3,000 vehicles a a day are plowed. but residents say clearing those secondary streets, which make up the most of baltimore city, is slow going. >> what took the city so long? >> reporter: magnetic owns friends or foe barber shop in west baltimore. he says this is the first plow he's seen since the storm. >> the snow really stopped a lot of the sales, man. it stopped a lot of the business. it was tough. >> reporter: and they stim have a lon
, "the hurt locker." that's tomorrow night with catherine bigelow. here is jessica yellin and "a krchc 360." >> thanks, larry. tonight, behind the wheel of a car that just won't stop. up close tonight, will firing every teacher in a school solve the problem? you'll hear from both sides of the pink slip. and late word about six haitian orphan as dopted by american parents but stuck in legal limbo. well not anymore and the news is good. >>> first up, six miles of here is terror at 100 miles an hour trying desperately to stop her run away lexus. i called my husband on the blue tooth phone system. i knew -- i'm sorry. i knew he could not help me but i wanted to hear his voice one more time. we hope our efforts will spare others the pain on this incident. it pains our hearts deeply to realize that we failed. but this failure is surely shared by toyota and nhtsa today. in our view, they demonstrated an uncaring attitude and disregard for life. the results have been tragic. and today i must say shame on you toyota for being so greedy. and shame on you nhtsa for not doing your job. >> rhoda sm
. >> exactly, i thought that was me for a minute but i'm wrong. >> we have trouble sorting them out. >> jessica alba has a doppelganger out there and she's not very happy about it. essentially there's this woman in china who has said she's going to get all kinds of plastic surgery to look like jessica alba so that they can win her boyfriend back. apparently her boyfriend's a huge jessica alba fan, loves "the fantastic 4," has pictures of jessica all over the place. this woman in china broke up with her boyfriend thinks the way to get him back is to have these surgeries to look like jessica alba. jessica is saying, no way, i think you should have -- look whatever way you're supposed to, if somebody loves you they'll love you no matter what. >> i think it's time for this woman to get new friends too. they suggested i do plastic surgery. >> hm. >> she kind of looks like her already. >> i was trying to tell, i can't tell underneath that hat. i guess so, yeah. you know, i used to have pictures of alisa milano hanging up in my locker. >> you never tried to look like her, did you? you go next if you h
begin with jessica doyle in alexandria, virginia. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. we were talking this time yesterday. i was describing the scene here on king street and south royal street in alexandria, and not a lot of the same we had a lot of snow this time yesterday. it was snowing to beat the band pretty much all day long. and it was that wet, icy snow that didn't really feel like snow. we were wondering if the snow was coming in it didn't seem that bad but it got really bad. it is really cold here this morning and when the wind blows it goes right through you. talk about the damage we found in the area. this is a branch that has fallen off one of the trees that is parked by the live truck. many of these are on the ground. a similar scene for a lot of folks. they are seeing branches and limbs down around their property. let's talk about the street. they have done a really good job overnight in the city of alexandria to clear the main thoroughfare. this was pretty much snow and ice covered yesterday. there was a track down the center and everything els
later. bye-bye. >>> kirstie and jessica. new weight confessions. this is "entertainment tonight." >>> a little hotness never hurt anyone. did it? >> all-new kirstie alley. how she plans to lose weight now. as "e.t." tracks her yo-yo diet road to fame. >> i obviously ate too much. >>> plus, jessica simpson trying to gain weight? >>> and new video. what happened when a "baywatch" babe slipped back into her bikini for "people" magazine. >> it's a great feeling. >>> the trainer with the killer whale seconds before it turned deadly. the home video and hollywood speaks out. >> it's horrible that this person lost their life. absolutely horrible. >>> plus, another seaworld attack caught on tape. and miraculous survival. >>> "e.t.'s" countdown to oscar. >> i totally feel like it's hollywood prom. >> who still hasn't found the perfect gown with nine days to go. >>> plus, new moms on emotional brink. >> kill the baby, it will get rid of the problem.
, bringing you updates on the weather. >> let's go to jessica doyle who is live in tysons corner. hey, jessica. >> guess what, it is snowing again. howard talked about that a few minutes ago. and we are seeing them now. in tysons corner we saw the snow stop at 3:00 this morning but not before it had dumped three to four inches in the area of northern virginia. now, that was actually good news in a way because vdot crews had plenty of time to hit the roads. they were out all night in force, they were plowing, adding de-icing to the roads and that made for a nice commute here. you will see a lot of cars stacked up but if you can see the conditions of the roads likes like we had a rain rather than a snow event. very wet roadways and as a result you have to keep in mind some of those wet roadways can refreeze with black ice. so you want to keep the speeds down. if you are moving about today, just keep that in mind. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the snow we have received this winter is breaking several local budgets. virginia budgeted 80 million there's for snow removal this season but th
on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news," i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm jessica. here's our top story for this week. >> the actor paul newman was in a lot of great movies. his acting earned him 8 oscar nominations and an oscar win. but one of his greatest achievements developed far away from the spotlight. newman helped start a camp called the double-h. felipe tells us more. >> friends, just in case you didn't know, the chipmunks, they're well on their way to earning a party this evening because they've been well-behaved all week long. so let's give it up for them. [ applause ] >> the double h ranch is located in upstate new york. at first, it seems like any other summer camp. but this place is special. all the kids here are living with serious illnesses. >> we serve children with cerebal palsy, spinobifida, hiv, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, and all sort of other disorders. but it's basically just a summer camp. we have everything that a normal summer camp would have. >> my favorite thing to do is swimming in the pool and horseback riding. >> we just got back from white water rafti
. >> hello again, i'm jessica kartalija. >> don scott, here's what people will be talking about today, we may not be able to see snow like the north's but we're not out of the woods yet. the threat of high winds is out there and a winter storm and high-wind watch goes into effect for many areas. live with first warning coverage. more on high winds in the area, first marty in the weather center is tracking the system. >>> good afternoon. let's go ahead and talk about what is happening and what will go on. here's first-warning doppler radar. we haven't had any issues at this point but the winds are starting to fire up and going to be some light snow showers banding into the area. we'll touch on that. winter storm warnings are through the afternoon and the overnight and where the watch is. notice the dark tan, that covers the entire graphic. we now ad the high-wind warning into the mix. we have this deep area of low pressure, it's starting to become a very impressive feature on the satellite photo i'll show you. as predicted, the winds firing up and coming around the low and that is helping
. >> that's right. jessica star is to tell us how long the blustery conditions will stick around. hi jess. >> this is a very strong low pressure system that unfortunately sticks with us the next 24 hours bringing snow band to our region. that is what we will experience. we will see some burst of snow showers overnight tonight and into the daytime tomorrow. you can see stronger storms moving until carol frederick county. not a huge accumulation but we could see a dusting overnight tonight and the area of strong low pressure is a big system, too. stemming from new york and pennsylvania back towards ohio and michigan and bringing down those snow showers. here's the area of low pressure system. a strong low pressure off long island and the wrap around snow showers that is what we are dealing with and the winds outside today on the west northwest subsiding just a little bit but continue to stay a little bit gusty. right now 15 miles an hour in baltimore. 18 in hagerstown and 16 in oakland. look at the gusts. 23 in baltimore and hagerstown and 29 in oakland and 31 in winchester gusting t
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